R&D Technology

R&D Technology

Abma has made Technical and strategic alliance with high end manufacturers for improvements in common platform technologies for better drugs formulations and for more patient centric. At R&D we put our efforts to enhance the drug’s safety and its efficacy by a targeted therapy approach.
FUTURE IS WITH US” so we work hard at the newer Technologies for the Newer Future-


At Abma, Nanotechnology has been adapted to develop targeted therapies for diseases . In terms of therapy, the most significant impact of nanotechnology is expected to be realized in drug delivery and regenerative medicine. It involves employing nanosize particles to target drugs at the source of the disease, which increases efficiency and minimizes side effects. They also offer new possibilities for the controlled release of therapeutic substances. Nanoparticles are also used to stimulate the body’s innate repair mechanisms. A major focus of this research is artificial activation and control of adult stem cells.

Sustained Release Technology

Osmotic-controlled Release Oral Delivery System (OROS) technology is used to deliver once-daily tablets. This advanced technology uses osmotic pressure to deliver the drug in several therapeutic areas.
They are significantly less affected by factors such as pH, food intake, GI motility, and differing intestinal environments. Using an osmotic pump to deliver drugs has additional inherent advantages regarding control over drug delivery rates. This allows for much more precise drug delivery over an extended period of time, which results in much more predictable pharmacokinetics.


The era of original technology leading to the production of innovative Biotechnological medicines that is more disease centric and cost effective too.Biosimilar Medicines specially the Monoclinal Antibodies are the future of the Bio-pharma medicines.We aim to provide these biologics-based medicines at affordable prices and thus improve access to medicine by the poor patient.